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Difference between T5, T8, T12 Tubes

Difference between T5, T8, T12 Tubes What is the difference between T5, T8 and T12 lamps? Fluorescent lamps, or fluorescent linear tubes as they are also known, are categorized according to their wattage, shape and diameter.

What is the difference between transformers and ballasts ...

A transformer is an electrical or electronic component required by low voltage lamps in order for these to operate correctly. A typical transformer for lighting applications converts the supply voltage from 230V (mains voltage in residential buildings throughout Europe) to 12V, which is the typical voltage required by tungsten halogen lamps.

What's the difference between a digital and a regular ballast?

Jan 14, 2007· So I'm saving up my money to buy a grow light from HTGSupply and I've noticed that they also offer light systems with digital ballast. From what I've gathered from their website, digital ballast use less power and put out more light.

Magnetic vs. Digital Ballasts SD Hydro

What is a Ballast? The ballast is a power supply for arc discharge lamps. It contains the necessary electronics and controls that make the light work. Its purpose is to provide the lamp with high voltage during startup, and then to stabilize the arc by limiting the electrical current to the lamp during operation.

Track ballast Wikipedia

In turn, track ballast typically rests on a layer of small crushed stones: the subballast. The subballast layer gives a solid support for the top ballast, and reduces the seepage of water from the underlying ground. Sometimes an elastic mat is placed on the layer of subballast and beneath the ballast, thereby significantly reducing vibration.

Definitions of the Most Asked Technical ...

Definitions of the Most Asked Technical Questions What is the Function of a Ballast? Ballast act like a governor on a car or lawn mower. It regulates the amount of electricity that flows to the lamp. What are the Differences Between Magnetic and Electronic Ballast? Magnetic ballast have been around since the beginning of fluorescent lighting.

Instant Start vs. Programmed Start Ballasts

The Difference Between Instant and Programmed Start Ballasts The operational and energy efficiency of lamps and their longevity depend to a large extent on the type of ballast …

What is the difference between a choke and a ballast? Quora

A choke is an inductor designed to have a high reactance to a particular frequency when used in a signalcarrying circuit. .. But An electrical ballast (sometimes called control gear) is a device intended to limit the amount of current flowing in an electric circuit.

Digital Ballast vs Regular Ballast | Rollitup

The digital (electronic) ballast is the latest in ballast innovation. Digital ballasts are more efficient, quieter, cooler, and softer on the bulb. Digital ballasts do not have any of the usual transformers, capacitors or igniters; instead these ballasts have electronic circuitry to …


As I said older T12 bulbs and magnetic ballasts come together. But factories made some electronic ballast for T12 bulbs. They said lets make part of the package up to date. If someone still using old package "T12/ magnetic ballast" lets make it "T12/ELECTRONIC ballast". That is why today you see ballasts such as F96T12 in electronic form.

digital vs. regular HID ballasts Forums ...

Sep 26, 2011· Analog ballasts have snapon wire connections to the ballast, Digital ballasts have sealed connections and are completely water tight while the analogs are not (just water resistant). Analog ballasts take a little bit longer to warm up, Digitals are quicker.

CANbus Ballast vs Regular Ballast | PowerBulbs

A HID ballast also helps with this it regulates the current after the light has started and keeps the light output steady. In short, the ballast is crucial to get your HID headlights working and make sure they continue to work properly. CANbus ballasts. A CANbus ballast is very similar to a regular ballast.

Electronic Ballasts vs. Magnetic Ballasts | Sciencing

Magnetic ballasts tend to be much easier to make than electric ballasts, so they have lower costs. These low costs can be attractive to buyers who must supply ballast for a large number of fluorescent bulbs, but it comes with a cost.

Electronic Ballasts vs. Magnetic Ballasts |

Electronic Ballasts vs. Magnetic Ballasts. Essentially, this contest has already been won. While magnetic ballasts are simple and easy in their design and operating principle, the more sophisticated electronic ballast just has too many advantages.

Difference Between Compact Fluoresent (CFL) and Standard ...

Do you know the Difference between regular incandescent light bulbs and Compact Fluorescents lightbulbs? Let us help you truly understand the difference between the regular incandescent light bulbs that you see in the vast majority of light applications today and the energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Your Complete Introduction to Lighting Ballasts Lighting ...

Ballasts with a high ballast factor can help in this goal by driving more light from fewer fixtures. Ballast factor typically runs between about .70 and , which means that a ballast can run a lamp on up to 30% less energy (and produce 30% less light); or up to 20% more energy with 20% greater lumen output. You should also note that a single ...

What is the difference between a magnetic and electronic ...

An electronic ballast, by increasing the frequency of current surging through the lamp from the line voltage 60 Hz (60 cycles per second) to 20 Khz (20,000 cycles per second), substantially eliminates the flicker common in oldfashion fluorescent lighting.

What is the Difference Between a T8 Electronic Ballast and ...

Differences between T8 Electronic Ballast and Incandescent Ballast. The differences between the two different types of ballast are plain to see. The use of ballast in fluorescent bulbs is necessary, as the bulb used a fuel source to provide light, rather than using heat like an incandescent.

What's the difference between subbase and ballast ...

Oct 24, 2010· The MOT material tends to interlock much better than standard ballast does. Hence Ballast typically has to be used with a binder (Cement) to form a stable or strong base / material. The stones in gravel tend to be rounded and don't self bind, whereas MOT material tends to have straighter edged particles that do set up against each other.

HID Ballast Digital vs Analog?

Jan 04, 2011· Analog ballasts have snapon wire connections to the ballast, Digital ballasts have sealed connections and are completely water tight while the analogs are not (just water resistant). Analog ballasts take a little bit longer to warm up, Digitals are quicker.

Difference between regular ballasts and digital ballasts ...

Digital ballasts send juice to the bulb much faster than magnetic ballasts, the electricity is actually "pulsed" to the bulb from the ballast. Think of the refresh rate on your computer. This is why digi's claim 30% more light. Its not more lumens per say, but 30% less time that the bulb is off.

Understanding Electronic Ballasts and LED Drivers and ...

electronic ballasts employ solidstate circuitry, which successfully eliminates the stroboscopic effect of flicker in fluorescent lighting, while increasing ballast efficiency. Electronic ballasts, or drivers, are used to drive various lighting loads, including light emitting diodes (LED), fluorescent (Linear and CFL), induction fluorescent (IF),

How to Replace a Ballast Resistor Without Turning Off ...

A ballast controls the current through a fluorescent bulb to keep the light even and to protect the bulb from damage. When the ballast fails, the bulb will flicker or fail to light. Although changing a ballast is safer with the power off, sometimes it is impractical, such as in a crowded store or...

Some basic facts and some advanced information on ballasts ...

The magnetic ballast method creates a huge amount of inductive reactive power, significantly exceeding the magnitude of active power, but this reactive power can easily and cheaply be compensated without risk of any interferences, if done adequately (see section 5).

Re: Pulse Start MH Ballast | Electronics Forums

Mar 10, 2006· Can regular (probe start) 400w lamps be used on a 400w Pulse Start ballast? IF SO... does the Pulse Start ballast (M135 SuperCWA) have any advantages over a regular ballast (M59 CWA), such as lamp life, efficiency and lumen maintenance? Or, does the ballast it make any difference with a regular (probe start) lamp? Ron Seadler

What is the difference between T12 and T8 fluorescent bulbs?

That led to the development of different kinds of ballasts to accommodate this newer type of 1inch diameter tube. T12 and T8 lamps also differ on the ballast that they are operated with most of the time. T12 primarily run off a magnetic ballasts and T8 bulbs operate on electronic ballasts.

HID Ballast Line Canbus HID Kits |

The AC 35W Slim Power Ballast is the starter line of our ballasts. What makes the AC 35W ballast different is the selflearning AC Digital Technology which allows for greater light output per watt and a 50% longer lifespan than regular HID lighting kits.

35W vs. 55W HID Ballasts Kensun

An HID ballast creates, drives and sustains the electrical arc in a bulb which maintains the light current in your car’s headlights. It’s a complex circuit made up of many components, each one tasked with carrying out a specific function.